Easy Christmas Morning Cranberry Tangerine Smoothie

Christmas morning can be absolutely hectic, regardless of whether you have kids or you’re just a big kid yourself. It’s an exciting day full of tradition, presents and treats, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be devoid of healthy, nourishing foods. One of my biggest pieces of advice to you and all of my clients looking to eat a clean, nourishing diet is to ensure that you make breakfast as healthy as humanly possible. That way if the day gets away from you, you can still rely on the healthy meal you had at the start of your [...]

Easy Christmas Morning Cranberry Tangerine Smoothie2017-12-20T21:43:31-08:00

Hemp Pumpkin Porridge

What do you do when you need to make breakfast, but you’re out of eggs, and you’re out of oats? If you're trying to keep your skin clear, you're probably avoiding gluten (so most bread's out) and dairy (forget that bowl of cereal). So what the heck is a girl to eat? I highly recommend always having some hemp hearts in your fridge, so you can make this delicious hemp pumpkin porridge. Let’s take a moment and talk about hemp, and why I love it so much. Not only does it taste delicious due to its mild nutty flavour, [...]

Hemp Pumpkin Porridge2017-12-23T15:48:34-08:00

Dairy-Free Gingerbread Smoothie

It’s always a challenge to find something quick and easy to eat on days where you're bouncing all over the place - home, school, work, the grocery store - you know the drill. Smoothies are a great option for a nutrition-packed snack, but now that it’s winter time I haven’t felt so keen on my typical berry-banana smoothie concoctions. With Christmas just around the corner, and the cooler weather outside, I whipped up this dairy-free gingerbread smoothie. Filled with warming spices, this smoothie tastes like Christmas in a jar, and doesn't cool your body down the way other smoothies [...]

Dairy-Free Gingerbread Smoothie2017-12-20T20:21:13-08:00
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