For a while now, I’ve watched countless people in online support groups struggle aimlessly with their skin. They post questions about specific supplements, or agonize over ingredients in their concealer.

It breaks my heart, because while they are suffering with their acne, they are also losing the Acne Guessing Game.

What is the Acne Guessing Game?

If you’re not sure what’s causing your acne, then you can’t be sure what you need to do diet, supplement or lifestyle-wise, to address the root cause of your skin woes.

So you end up guessing…

“If I just stop eating dairy…”

“I just need to take more zinc…”

“I’m sure if I exercise more my skin will get better.”

These solutions, plus countless more could work… or they might not.

This is the Acne Guessing Game.

And there are big costs associated with playing the game, especially if you’re on the losing side.

This weekend I jumped onto Facebook Live and shared the three biggest costs associated with playing, and losing the Acne Guessing Game. You can click here to head to Facebook to watch the video, or read on below.

Cost #1 – Financial

How do you know what supplements are going to help your skin? How do you know if that 3-day juice cleanse is going to do what it promises and clear your skin?

Unless you have done the groundwork to discover what imbalances are going on inside your body to cause your acne, it’s hard to say with any confidence that these things could help you.

So you buy the supplements based on people’s recommendations online, or you invest in the juice cleanse, and if you happen to guess wrong, then you’re saying good bye to your hard earned dollars.

Cost #2 – Time

The second big cost of the acne guessing game is time.

It takes considerable time to rebalance your body and possibly reverse a lifetime of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. One of the biggest mistakes I see with acne-sufferers online is that they don’t allow themselves enough time to see results.

They may try a new supplement, and give it a week or two, only to stop it all together if they don’t get their desired result right away. Or perhaps they stick with it for weeks, but still don’t see results because what they were taking to begin with was based on people’s opinions, and it wasn’t truly what they needed for their own body.

In both scenarios, time is at a loss.

I want you to get the results you desire for your skin, which means I want you to use your time wisely and effectively.

Cost #3 – Energy

The third big cost of the acne guessing game is energy.

There is seriously an infinite amount of information about how to fix your skin on the Internet. Reading research, watching Youtube videos, and reading blog posts take a considerable amount of time. And if the information you’re getting is conflicting, you then have to sort through it all to find the most relevant tidbits that you feel will work for you.

This takes a ton of energy.

So imagine, you’ve spent a few hours, maybe a few days, and you feel like you’ve found a direction you could try. You feel excited, energized, and empowered.

You buy the supplements, start the diet, and after a few weeks you realize you haven’t really gotten anywhere.

When this happens again and again, you start to leave the “empowered choices” camp, and find yourself spiralling down into the self-doubt vortex.

In the land of self-doubt it becomes easier to start questioning your own values and beliefs, and eventually you may even throw in the towel all together and just give up!

If you’ve ever exclaimed, “I’ve tried everything to fix my skin!” then you know what I’m talking about.

A Better Way

If any of this resonates, and you’re tired of wasting money, time and energy guessing what will work for your skin, then I invite you to consider another approach.

What you need, is a road map.

Even with all of my nutrition education and experience, I was still suffering with my skin. It wasn’t until I took the time to sit down, and really map out exactly where I was starting from did my path become clear. I was able to see exactly what steps I needed to take to get me from having incessant breakouts all over my chest and back to feeling confident that I could finally put my scarves and turtlenecks away.

I want to teach you the exact steps I took to heal my skin.

I invite you to join the FREE 5-day crash course in caring for your skin the natural and holistic way. Just enter your name and email in the box below and you’ll receive your first lesson immediately!

xx Aly