Have you looked under your bathroom counter lately? Peered into the depths of your skin care products graveyard? And as you throw out expired product after rancid product, do you shed a single tear for all the dollars you spent on these products that promised miracles but only lead to disappointments?

Last year, I did exactly this. As I watched my hard earned money get washed down the drain, or tossed into the recycle bin, I vowed to find a better, more fiscally responsible means to care for my skin. That’s when I spiralled into a vortex of DIY skin care making information online.

After ordering supplies and ingredients, and experimenting with some recipes, I discovered that not only was it simple and fun to do, but making your own DIY skin care was way cheaper.

I was convinced!

There’s no denying that there is something empirically wonderful about investing in a $100 cream that leaves your skin feeling smooth and hydrated, but when you’re also doing your best to eat organic, shop local, and supplement wisely, many of us have to be careful about not blowing the bank.

This is where making your skin care products can be the perfect solution!

But is the extra effort really worth the cost savings?

Well, that is up to you. For me personally, I LOVE playing and experimenting with different recipes in my kitchen, so it was a no-brainer.

But to help you come to your own conclusion, let’s take a look at the lip balm recipe from my Skinspired DIY Beauty Basics course:

Ingredient Amount Estimated Cost*
Organic Beeswax 15g $0.90
Organic Cocoa Butter 18g $0.90
Mango Butter 12g $0.84
Rice Bran Oil 5g $0.15
Jojoba Oil 5g $0.50
Fractionated Coconut Oil 5g $0.15
Vitamin E Oil 0.6g $0.19
5mL lip balm tubes 12 $3.00 or $0.25 ea.

Total = $6.63 for 12 lip balms or $0.55/lip balm

*Cost estimates are conservative estimates based on the base ingredient costs from this supplier at the time this post was published, and are in Canadian currency.

Now, consider what you would pay on average for a natural lip balm at the market or shop. These can range anywhere from $5-$10 per lip balm.

I personally tend to have about half a dozen lip balms within arms reach at any given time. I tend to keep them in my desk, purse, makeup bag, pocket, etc., so for me, making my own makes a ton of sense.

Another great example is my favourite stick deodorant recipe from the Skinspired DIY Beauty Basics course. I have sourced the ingredients for this recipe so that making it costs about $2.53/stick. Comparably, natural deodorants at my local health food store can range anywhere from $10-30 depending on the brand.

My goal as a holistic nutritionist is to be an advocate for more natural, healthier options for your food, body, and home products. Harmful chemicals used in conventional products and processed foods may do no harm in a healthy body that’s able to filter out toxins effectively, but if you have persistent acne, then your body is out of balance somewhere and will likely benefit from switching to cleaner products and foods.

And if you don’t want to part with your current lotion or cleanser because it is working for you right now, then by all means, keep using it. I don’t want you to rock the boat unnecessarily. However, making even just a few of your own natural skin care products at home can help you save money in your budget, so that you can invest in the more expensive products or more organic food items without stressing out your wallet.

Curious to learn more about how to make your own skin care at home? I invite you to check out my 8-video recipe Skinspired Beauty Basics course.