The Ultimate Guide to Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant

Let’s talk about sweat baby! Chances are you use some form of antiperspirant or deodorant every day. If you reached puberty sometime in the 90’s or 2000’s you likely remember the Girl’s Teen Pack Personal Grooming Kit that came with your first stick of deodorant, and if you’re anything like me, you stuck loyally to that stick well into adulthood. And now you’re on your skin-healing journey, making changes to your diet and lifestyle, and starting to get woke to the different ingredients that linger in your personal care products and what they could be doing to your body [...]

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5 Tips for Surviving Winter Dry Skin

We are a few days out from the official start of winter, but dry skin doesn’t always wait for the official winter solstice. The struggle of dry winter skin is real and can wreak havoc on our bodies. From embarrassing flakey skin on the face that makes it impossible to wear makeup to an increase of pimples and breakouts that make you feel like a teenager again, and even red, painful cracked lips that you swear everyone is staring at. I am a full believer in promoting healthy skin the natural way, so I’m sharing 5 easy, [...]

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Products: Clean Cosmetics I’m Using Right Meow

I have a confession: I am a complete N00B when it comes to makeup. My goal with makeup is usually to spend as little as possible, and to wear as little as possible. In my struggles with acne I was able to get away with this, as my breakouts were always the worst on my chest and back, and for the spots that crept onto my face, it was nothing some heavy duty concealer couldn’t handle. Knowing what I know now about skin health and toxicity in the body, I can’t help but think a little bit harder about the [...]

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